Backup Solutions & Data Recovery
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VTech Direct is a one stop shop for all of your Backup and Data Recovery needs. VTech Direct can assist in the recovery of data if you suspect that computer has crashed of the hard drive has failed. We also can manage your servers for you helping you maintain all of your data allowing for less downtime, quick recovery, and minimal loss!

The Technology Consultants at VTech Direct help you determine

  • What type of data backup you need
  • How often you need to perform backups
  • When backups should be performed
  • Where your the backups should be stored

There are many ways to perform a backup. Depending on your company and what is needed you can do full backups of all of your data, or only differential backups (backups of data that has changed since the last full backup). VTech Direct can help you decide which backup types and frequencies are best for your company and keep you up and running through hardware failure, accidental loss of information, and database corruption. Without a backup plan your company could be left with nothing in the wake of disaster.

Let VTech Direct keep you data safe today!!